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Foot and Ankle Pain

foot pain

Most common foot pain seen is heel pain due to plantar fasciitis. Foot pain can also be caused by other numerous conditions. List of foot pain include Arthritis and DJD, Bunions, Cavus related pathology, Corns and Calluses, Fractures, Flatfoot related pathology, Ganglions, Gouty arthropathy, Hammertoes, Infection, Metatarsalgia, Nerve entrapments, Neuromas, Synovitis and Capsulitis, Tendinitis, Tendon enthesopathies, Tendon ruptures, etc.

Ankle sprain is the most common cause of ankle pain, but like foot pain, pain to the ankle can also be caused by other numerous conditions. List of other causes of ankle pain include Achilles tendon enthesopathy, Achilles tendon rupture, Achilles tendinopathy, Ankle instability, Ankle arthritis, Ankle fractures, Ankle synovitis, Gout, Infection, Osteoarthritis, Peroneal tendon pathology, Posterior Tibial tendon dysfunction, Flatfoot related pathology, Talar dome injuries, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome with nerve entrapment, etc. 

Foot and ankle pain presents with tenderness from pressure palpation and weight-bearing. Pain may be described as dull and intense achiness. Pain within joints will have stiffness. Nerve pain is expressed as tingling, shooting, and radiating. Certain painful conditions along with infections will show redness, warmth with intense pain. Stress fractures present with acute sharp pain from manual pressure. Traumatic injuries such as fractures or contusions will have swelling, bruising, and intense dull pain as well. 

Treating foot and ankle pain is going to vary depending on the condition and severity of the condition. Most painful conditions will require rest, icing, compression, elevation. This will also address swelling that accompanies the pain. Oral anti-inflammatories are usually given to relieve inflammation and pain. Pain along ligaments, tendons, and joints may require cortisone injections. Physical therapy modalities are used to treat pain as well. Pain from Infections would require administration of antibiotics, and more serious infections will require surgery to open the soft tissues to relieve the infectious material. The foot and ankle surgeon will gather medical history, clinical history, imaging studies, and any other pertinent information to diagnose the cause of pain and to develop the proper treatment plan.

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