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Foot and Ankle Surgery

foot surgery

Many foot and ankle problems may not respond to conservative management, and the painful condition and or deformity may still be present. Surgery may then be the most viable option to relieve pain, to regain proper anatomic form, and to restore proper function. There are also many conditions where surgery will be the only option. In this case, Dr. Cheng at Elite Foot & Ankle will discuss with you on the details of the pathology and what to expect regarding surgery. Foot and ankle surgery encompasses a wide range of surgical procedures for a wide variety of pathology and conditions. Even for one particular condition, there may be several different procedures to address that condition. 

All surgical procedures will require preoperative testing and examination to ensure the surgery’s success and preferred outcome. Your foot may be sent to your primary care physician for pre-operative medical clearance and getting the required pre-operative tests. Sometimes, the anesthesiologist on the day of your surgery may do the pre-operative medical history and clearance in lieu of the primary physician. For those with certain systemic conditions that require specialized pre-operative work-up, the patient will be sent to the appropriate specialist for additional clearance. Your pre-operative office visit will be a few days prior to your surgery date.  This will be a review of your foot and ankle condition that that is scheduled for surgery. This is also when details as to why you are having surgery and what surgery will be performed will be discussed clearly with you. After which, informed consent will be signed and dated.  This visit is also the time available for you to ask any questions. Any required post-operative medication prescriptions and any surgical protective footwear will be dispensed during this visit. 

Your surgery may either be day surgery when you go home on the same day of surgery or that you may be required to spend some time overnight at the hospital. Dr. Cheng will discuss with you if hospitalization is required or recommended.

Here at Elite Foot and Ankle, Dr. Cheng will clearly explain all aspects of peri-operative care. This is important that post-operative instructions from Dr. Cheng are followed as instructed for optimal healing and outcome.  These post-operative instructions will cover medications, ambulatory status, and dressings. Depending on the surgical procedure, the post-operative course may be from a few weeks to well over a year for complete healing prior to discharge. Foot and Surgery is part of getting you back to ambulatory wellness.

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