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Foot and Ankle Fractures

fractureFractures of the foot and ankle occur as a result of trauma to any of the bones that could not withstand any excessive load or pressure causing them to break. Causes of foot and ankle fractures can be due to impact trauma from a fall or as a result of chronic stress on the bone over time.

Signs of possible fracture include pain especially during weight-bearing, swelling, redness, and even bruising. Some fractures reveal themselves with clinical deformities and derangement. The fractured bone or dislocated joint has been changed from its anatomic alignment and positioning. Limping and having pain while walking is a telltale sign of a fracture. Fractures may present as closed or open where the fractured bone fragment actually penetrates through the skin and is exposed. The foot and ankle surgeon will order imaging studies to get a more detailed assessment of the fracture. Fractures usually present with pain, but the diabetic who suffered a fracture may not have pain at all due to neuropathy.

The foot and ankle surgeon will properly evaluate, assess, manage, and determine the course of treatment of foot and ankle fractures. Some fractures may only need protective immobilization but many do require surgery to restore proper reduction and alignment.

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