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Custom Orthotics


Orthotics are medical devices that are designed to fit inside normal footwear and are custom made to fit your feet. These custom orthotics are different from the over the counter (OTC) arch supports/inserts that are on the shelves of convenience stores or pharmacies. These OTC prefabricated inserts bought at a store or pharmacy fit only based on foot-size while ignoring foot-type and pathology. Custom orthotics are designed to correct biomechanical problems and to target your areas of pain. They are also designed to offload any areas of focal pain and pressure. These orthotics will usually be both Functional to control abnormal motion and Accommodative to provide cushioning and comfort.

Here at Elite Foot & Ankle, a digital scan captures the way your feet bear weight and analyzes your gait. This information along with a clinical prescription based on evaluation of your foot pathology and condition is sent out to the lab for fabrication of your custom orthotics. The custom orthotics will have details added that will bring the heel to neutral, accommodate the heel for comfort, and provide support for the arch. The orthotics will increase medial arch support and decrease attenuation of the medial soft tissue structures. The custom orthotics will also specifically incorporate details that are specific for your biomechanical condition.

Custom orthotics may just be the answer you are looking for to address your foot and ankle pain and condition.

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